Sunday, September 27, 2009

Way back when..

This weekend being a long weekend we had some friends come for a visit..

Rather than sit around all day we decided to go for a drive to see a peice of our history..

No one lives there anymore, but you can still see evidence of what once would have been a busy hive of activity.

 The hotel that once stood..

What is left of it now.. .

 Just a pile of memories.. ..

To only go back to see how people had to struggle to survive in the back and beyond, searching for that elusive speck of Gold.. 


Narelle said...

Wow, it's hard to believe that magnificent hotel is now just one standing archway!

Great photo.

Jenny said...

This is kind of like our Collosium!!... do you think we need to preserve out future a little more - I certainly do!!
Hope you are well!

Merley said...

I do believe that we need to preserve our history for future generations. It makes me sad to see these sorts of sites, being degraded not only by time, but also vandalised, by sensless people. If only they could have walked in the shoes of the men and women who struggled to survive in tough conditions.