Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Lost Mojo

In time for early chirstmas shopping.. 

I've just listed finished some new items in my 

To check them out use the above link, or via the MadeIt button to your right.

Door Jamy Pillo's

Over the past few weeks i have not been spending too much time in creating new items. I have been unwell so my attention span to sit and actually create has been overwhelming..
But ive been feeling unproductive and unispired, until recently. 

So finding my mojo to complete orders has given me great satisfaction.. 

Thursday, September 1, 2011


Ive recently become the proud owner of a Nikon D5000 and ive been trying to use it every day just so i can get familiar with how it all works..  
The last couple of mornings ive been able to get some great sunrise shots..

This was my view yesteday morning, the foggy mist was lurking on the ground..  
Today it was a bit wet so didn't get out the door to take a shot.. 

But then spotted this out my kitchen window.. 

My cat intent on trying to capture this butcher bird .. im pleased to let you know that she wasn't able to jump up and get it.. It flew away before she had the chance to change spots and pounce..  But i love living out in the country, as you are not able to see these scenes so readily when you live in a town, or a city... 

My creative stance has been lifted as in the past couple of weeks i have been working on some wholesale items for The Dardy Collection this is a business that is based in a little country town called Dardinup in Western Australia..  Feel free to pop on over and check out her wonderful array of items, which are all handmade by fellow crafters.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Merley.. at 50 SALE!!!

Isn't it amazing how one can get busy..

The past few weeks have just flown by.. 

I recently turned 50.. yep old age is finally here.. :)
Im not one for celebrating but this year, i managed to make it through my day, without feeling overwhelmed and panicky.. I normally have major panic attacks and become a blithering mess.. I tend to just want the day to slide by and not even think about it..

This year the day dawn brightly Coralie over at Rainbow Farm Photography took the most wonderful shot, so i bit the bullet and brought one of her prints. Have now got to find a frame for it..

My neighbour friends made me special the next day by having my husband and i over for lunch, she spent the time to make a cake, but also they respected my wishes of no Fuss.. The cake didn't even have candles.. So it made me feel loved and respected..

Im not sure why i have a hard time when it comes to my birthday, but i hope that this year has been a turning point for me.. New beginnings and all that... :)

So as a new beginning ive decided to have a SALE a clean out of my supplies cupboard, its time to get rid of the old and open the way for some new creations...

All items listed over at Merley's are at SALE prices... So why not head on over and grab a bargain.. Buy early for Christmas.. My items make great stocking fillers...

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

im still alive

Its amazing how one forgets about pages...

My life has been a little topsy turvy lately..

Ive started working one day a week.. 

Our crop is in the ground, and starting to come up. We had some lovely rain over the past couple of days, as well as some very windy days.. Its sad to see dust blowing over the horizon, when you know that its one of your neighbours who's crop is getting cut of at the ground..  

My items have now been placed in a local store, and from all accounts are selling, so am in prep work stage to creating some new items..  Ive in the past week made the decsion to close my Merley's Facebook page, this was not easy as i did have a few followers, but like my blog i was finding it hard to keep updated and also since my sales have dwindle i thought i will try a new tack..

Tea Towel, Bagz Bag & Dishcloth set $19.50 Free postage
Dishcloths $6.00 each Free postage
(Display Only ) Soft Shut Door Jam Pillo $9.00 Free postage
So from now on my items will be listed here for sale, or via Merley's

Tea Towels (double thickness) $8.50 Free Postage 3 available 

BagZ Bag (plastic bag holder) $8.50 each Free postage
 Custom orders most welcome, contact me for colour selection or styles.


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Being Creative

Well its been ages since ive posted anything here.. 

Sitting at home and not doing a lot is starting to get to me, and i know that this is not a good thing. 
So ive been looking into ways that i can utilise my secretarial skills, and work from home.. So im now offering a basic typing service, for those out there who would rather do gardening than sit in front of a computer screen or typewriter and write up notes.. my webb page for those interested is here .. 

But i have been busy with my Merly's Creations
 Yesterday ventured out to try out a new idea.  

I still need to sew either some velcro or a press stud on it to keep the flap from coming up all the time.. and am wondering if i should have a little handle attachement or not.. 

But im pleased with how it turned out.. 
It could also become a glasses case.. with a few more stiches added... 

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New creations

Hi All .. ive been remiss about posting on here.. But i shall endevour to keep you informed a bit more from now on..

Over the past week or two ive been trying to get some new ideas and creation made up.. Also have been working on tweeking and promoting my Face Book Page and trying to get some interest in my items via that media.

Ive been thinking of starting up my own webb page, but as everyone knows they cost money and at this moment in time every spare cent is accounted for.. so was thinking that the blogging might be my only choice to advertise for the moment..

So here it is folks..

My new projects for this week was... to create some Hair Scarfs

This was my first attempt ~ and it Sold on the first Day
Second one.. Using a 4ply Cotton. $10.00 plus postage.

Todays finished project ~ $10.00 plus  Postage  (this one is now on its way to the Geraldton Markets)

These items i will sell via special request or if i have them in stock you will be able to buy the ones listed.

The other items i make and sell are: 

Soft Shut Door Jam Pillow's
GO!! Water Bottle Carriers
Handy Dishcloths
Towel Hangers & Sets
Hair Bun Covers ~ *new items*

For more information or to recieve a  Brochure please contact me  HERE

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New creation...

Hi all.. been ages since i posted anything on here.

But have been busy working on getting  Merley's on Facebook   up and running..
  Then had some new items that ive been working on.. .

This week ive worked a new design, this was for a friend, who was looking for something different for a gift..

Head Scarf ~ Kerchief. 

The one pictured is in 8ply cotton, bit heavy so am working on a finer version of this..
This is available via special order requests..

The other things i have worked over the past couple of months are a Handy Water Bottle Carrier and some Hair Bun Covers.. these are pictured below..

The Handy Water Bottle Carriers are now listed in my Made it Store ... and the Hair Bun Covers can be ordered by emailing me at merleyshandmadecreations@gmail.com