Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New creations

Hi All .. ive been remiss about posting on here.. But i shall endevour to keep you informed a bit more from now on..

Over the past week or two ive been trying to get some new ideas and creation made up.. Also have been working on tweeking and promoting my Face Book Page and trying to get some interest in my items via that media.

Ive been thinking of starting up my own webb page, but as everyone knows they cost money and at this moment in time every spare cent is accounted for.. so was thinking that the blogging might be my only choice to advertise for the moment..

So here it is folks..

My new projects for this week was... to create some Hair Scarfs

This was my first attempt ~ and it Sold on the first Day
Second one.. Using a 4ply Cotton. $10.00 plus postage.

Todays finished project ~ $10.00 plus  Postage  (this one is now on its way to the Geraldton Markets)

These items i will sell via special request or if i have them in stock you will be able to buy the ones listed.

The other items i make and sell are: 

Soft Shut Door Jam Pillow's
GO!! Water Bottle Carriers
Handy Dishcloths
Towel Hangers & Sets
Hair Bun Covers ~ *new items*

For more information or to recieve a  Brochure please contact me  HERE

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