Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New creation...

Hi all.. been ages since i posted anything on here.

But have been busy working on getting  Merley's on Facebook   up and running..
  Then had some new items that ive been working on.. .

This week ive worked a new design, this was for a friend, who was looking for something different for a gift..

Head Scarf ~ Kerchief. 

The one pictured is in 8ply cotton, bit heavy so am working on a finer version of this..
This is available via special order requests..

The other things i have worked over the past couple of months are a Handy Water Bottle Carrier and some Hair Bun Covers.. these are pictured below..

The Handy Water Bottle Carriers are now listed in my Made it Store ... and the Hair Bun Covers can be ordered by emailing me at merleyshandmadecreations@gmail.com

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