Sunday, November 7, 2010

Being Creative

Well its been ages since ive posted anything here.. 

Sitting at home and not doing a lot is starting to get to me, and i know that this is not a good thing. 
So ive been looking into ways that i can utilise my secretarial skills, and work from home.. So im now offering a basic typing service, for those out there who would rather do gardening than sit in front of a computer screen or typewriter and write up notes.. my webb page for those interested is here .. 

But i have been busy with my Merly's Creations
 Yesterday ventured out to try out a new idea.  

I still need to sew either some velcro or a press stud on it to keep the flap from coming up all the time.. and am wondering if i should have a little handle attachement or not.. 

But im pleased with how it turned out.. 
It could also become a glasses case.. with a few more stiches added... 

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Becci ~ Becci's Domestic Bliss said...

Looks fab Merley! Would be great for iPods too! A handle might be a good idea for some. Could you make it removable?
Oh one note on the fastening. Randall sewed one at school the other day for his iPod but I told him not to add a presstud as pushingon it might hurt the screen (especially as his is a touch screen) velcro would probably be better. Maybe sew on one of those dots?