Wednesday, June 29, 2011

im still alive

Its amazing how one forgets about pages...

My life has been a little topsy turvy lately..

Ive started working one day a week.. 

Our crop is in the ground, and starting to come up. We had some lovely rain over the past couple of days, as well as some very windy days.. Its sad to see dust blowing over the horizon, when you know that its one of your neighbours who's crop is getting cut of at the ground..  

My items have now been placed in a local store, and from all accounts are selling, so am in prep work stage to creating some new items..  Ive in the past week made the decsion to close my Merley's Facebook page, this was not easy as i did have a few followers, but like my blog i was finding it hard to keep updated and also since my sales have dwindle i thought i will try a new tack..

Tea Towel, Bagz Bag & Dishcloth set $19.50 Free postage
Dishcloths $6.00 each Free postage
(Display Only ) Soft Shut Door Jam Pillo $9.00 Free postage
So from now on my items will be listed here for sale, or via Merley's

Tea Towels (double thickness) $8.50 Free Postage 3 available 

BagZ Bag (plastic bag holder) $8.50 each Free postage
 Custom orders most welcome, contact me for colour selection or styles.


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