Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Merley.. at 50 SALE!!!

Isn't it amazing how one can get busy..

The past few weeks have just flown by.. 

I recently turned 50.. yep old age is finally here.. :)
Im not one for celebrating but this year, i managed to make it through my day, without feeling overwhelmed and panicky.. I normally have major panic attacks and become a blithering mess.. I tend to just want the day to slide by and not even think about it..

This year the day dawn brightly Coralie over at Rainbow Farm Photography took the most wonderful shot, so i bit the bullet and brought one of her prints. Have now got to find a frame for it..

My neighbour friends made me special the next day by having my husband and i over for lunch, she spent the time to make a cake, but also they respected my wishes of no Fuss.. The cake didn't even have candles.. So it made me feel loved and respected..

Im not sure why i have a hard time when it comes to my birthday, but i hope that this year has been a turning point for me.. New beginnings and all that... :)

So as a new beginning ive decided to have a SALE a clean out of my supplies cupboard, its time to get rid of the old and open the way for some new creations...

All items listed over at Merley's are at SALE prices... So why not head on over and grab a bargain.. Buy early for Christmas.. My items make great stocking fillers...

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