Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Knitting can be FUN

Well ive recently discovered that Knitting can be fun.

I got introduced to a Craft site called Ravelry and upon doing a search i found an easy to knit pattern.

Im not very confident at knitting but i will try my hand at most things.. I tend to just like easy knit patterns.

This is what i managed to start and complete in 4 nights..

It was a very easy pattern it is knitted from the neck down and im quite happy with the final result, except that its a bit snug on me.. But with my weight loss i think that i may be able to fit it properly soon..

The wool i used was Patons Shadow Tweed , Colour # 6910 Blues/Browns/Greys

Im looking forward to buying some more of this wool,(diff colour)..


Anonymous said...

It's gorgeous Merley! Well done!

Jilly said...

Wow! Thats beautiful clever you!!