Sunday, May 23, 2010


Well i finally got a chance to do some scrapping..

Today i vowed that i would sort out my supplies and cull some of my collection.

Since starting to scrap some 6 years ago, i have accumilated lots of stuff..
I have got lots of stuff that i would never in a year or two use.. So what do you do with all the over flow.. well it is going to a new home, where hopefully it will be appreciated..

But getting back to what inspired me, i saw a project on the CuttingBeauty Blog and it was something that i had been searching for quite a while, but never thought that i could make it myself.. Thank you..

I made this one for myself

and i made these for some wonderful friends..

It was good to do some creating of the paper kind..


Becci Sundberg said...

They look great Merle. Really love the one on the leftin the second pic!

Mish said...

Look fantabulous Merle